The Rennes 2 University Center for Translator-localizers Terminologists and Technical writers (CFTTR) trains future language professionals:

  • Project managers
  • Technical translators
  • Technical writers
  • Localizers

Since the CFTTR was created by Daniel Gouadec in 1980, it has become a leading training center for technical translation and technical writing professions, by offering multidisciplinary training programs that meet the needs of the professional world :

  • the Master’s Degree program (Translation, Localization and Multilingual and Multimedia Communication Professions), in line with the EMT (European Master’s in Translation) standards;
  • the third year of Bachelor’s Degree, Translation and Multilingual Communication.


The multidisciplinary training programs offered by the CFTTR focus on:

  • enhancing student employability;
  • providing students with the necessary linguistic and intercultural skills to enable them to be operational in the professional world;
  • developing students’ versatility and adaptability.

Professionally-oriented courses

Practical work at the university lead students to be at the head of projects and to take responsibilities. Students become, through their commitment, real stakeholders of the training programs.

From the third year of the Bachelor’s Degree, the CFTTR prepare students to be operational in a professional context. Students put their know-how in practice, develop new skills and clarify their professional objectives during an internship which lasts:

  • 6 weeks minimum at the end of the Bachelor’s Degree
  • 3 months minimum at the end of the first year of Master’s Degree
  • 6 months at the end of the second year of Master’s Degree

The professional aspect of the programs offered by the CFTTR has made it possible to establish a partnership with an extensive number of companies and to create a dynamic alumni network.

Teaching Team

The CFTTR’s teaching team comprises professors and lecturers from the University Rennes 2 and also translation, localization and technical writing professionals. The CFTTR relies on the expertise of language professionals to prepare students to resolve issues they may face in a professional context and to provide them with a practical approach to the difficulties of language professions.

Managing Team

Katell Hernandez-Morin

Head of the CFTTR

Since 2005, Katell Hernandez-Morin has been a lecturer in translation, proofreading, editing and post-editing at the CFTTR. She has 5 years of experience in translation and 15 years in teaching. Since 2015, she has been the head of the CFTTR.

Franck Barbin

Head of the First Year of the Master’s Degree

Franck Barbin is a senior lecturer in translation, economic translation, legal translation, terminology and translation methodologies. He is also a microentrepreneur with a 18 years of experience in translation behind him.

Fabienne Moreau

Head of the Second Year of the Master’s Degree

Fabienne Moreau is a lecturer in information technology/language engineering who teaches how to use VBA, XML, XSL, and PERL languages to Master’s Degree students.

Technical Writing Teachers

Samuel Barbier

Senior Technical Writer at Envivio

Samuel Barbier has been a lecturer in technical writing at the CFTTR since 2010. Mainly, Samuel Barbier teached the fundamentals of the Adobe suite: FrameMaker, InDesign and Illustrator.

Sophie Laisné

Senior Technical Writer at bioMérieux

Sophie Laisné has a valuable experience in the medical industry. Since 2012, she has taught technical writing at the CFTTR, with an emphasis on user experience and minimalism.

Sarah Rosen

Technical Writer at Astellia

Sarah Rosen completed her Master’s Degree (MTLC2M) in 2012. She teaches students project management in technical writing, content migration to DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) and the use of advanced features of DITA.

Clémence Laurens

Senior Technical Writer at Amdocs

Since 2011, Clémence Laurens has been a lecturer at the CFTTR. She teaches the fundamentals of technical writing to Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree students.

Translation Teachers

Gaëlle Phuez Favris

Senior Lecturer in Technical and Specialized Translation

Drawing on her 13 years of experience in the translation sector, Gaëlle Phuez-Favris is a freelance translator/proofreader (English-French) who teaches technical and specialized translation and the use of computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools.

Chantal Quéniart

Senior Lecturer in Project and Quality Management

Chantal Quéniart is the head of the language service provider Alphabets. With 25 years of experience behind her, she has gained a solid expertise in project and quality management in translation. She teaches project management, translation, quality control, quality management and quality assurance to Master’s Degree students at the CFTTR.

Rodolphe Robin

Senior Lecturer

For more than 4 years, Rodolphe Robin has been an expert in translation and interpretation (French-Spanish & French-Portuguese) for the Cour d’Appel de Rennes. Rodolphe Robin teaches legal translation (Spanish-French) to Master’s Degree students at the CFTTR.

Localization Teachers

Jean-Marie Le Goff

Lecturer in Website localization Web and IT

With 18 years of experience behind him, Jean-Marie Le Goff teaches the fundamentals of the HTML, CSS, PHP and Java languages to CFTTR students. This course help students understand the difficulties related to software and dynamic Web site localization.

Jean-Marie Guyot

Founder of Kevrenn International (language service provider)

Jean-Marie Guyot is a CAT tools specialist. He trains Master’s Degree students to use memoQ effectively.

Stéphane Tollec


Stéphane Tollec is both a localization specialist and manager at the language service provider Alphabets. He gives software localization classes at the university. Stéphane Tollec makes students aware of the difficulties related to software localization.

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