Companies that trust us

Each year, the students from the CFTTR do placements in order to be better prepared for the working life. These placements have a minimum duration of 6 weeks for the BA last year, 3 months for the MA first year and 6 months for the MA last year.
A lot of companies welcome students every year for placements in technical writing, translation, localisation or project management.

Here are examples of companies that placed their trust in our students: :

Technical Writing

Diagnostic Solutions

Networks Monitoring



Software Editor

Content Broadcasting


Language Services

Language Services

Audiovisual Services

Translation Agency

Audiovisual Services

Language Services

Project Management

Language services

Audiovisual Services

Language Services

Translation Agency

Language Services

Language Services

Companies having a close relationship with the CFTTR

Bandai Namco Games Europe

“In the localisation department of the Bandai Namco Games Europe company, I had the opportunity to welcome some intern students from the University of Rennes 2.

Students are from the first year (M1) or second year (M2) of MA. The difference, appart from the year of study, is the length of the placement, which is of a maximum of 5 months for a M1 and 6 months for a M2.
These students did a placement only as Assistant Localisation Project Manager and not as translator and/or proofreader.

What I will remember from the students, is a good capacity to integrate themselves into the department and the company as a whole.

One of their main strength is a very good working methodology and the respect of the given instructions.

An other important aspect that needs to be highlighted, is the students ability to progress and to become stronger during the placement, until they can get real responsabilities.

The points to be improved are a better practice of English during meetings (phone meetings) that involve speakers from different continents. Indeed, we can feel that the understanding of English in these conditions may not be easy, which can cause oral communication difficulties.

Another aspect would be to make the students aware of companies’ economic reality and budget management. Efforts have already been made with practical simulations during the universiy training. However, I still feel a lack in this field.

To conclude, for “Localisation Project Manager” profiles, I am very satisfied with all the students from the University of Rennes 2.”

Franck Genty – Localisation Manager at Bandai Namco Games Europe

Feedbacks from companies that welcomed CFTTR students


“Our company designs laboratory analysis instruments that need precise and controlled technical documentations.

Since more that 6 years, we integrate into our team one or several interns each year.

The skilfulness and important independence of the CFTTR students are key points that enable them to help us conducting technical writing, localisation and publications management tasks.

Thanks to their knowledge and training, they gave us the opportunity to start new innovating methods such as the migration of our content in structured writing with the DITA standard.”

Johan Develon & Sophie Laisné
Instruments R&D Manager & Technical Writing Department Manager


“Since a long time, the training given by the CFTTR, among many other similar trainings, is probably the one that fits the most to the working realities of translation.
Because it had always been seeking to evolve at the same time as the profession, it trains rigorous and skilful linguists. They are experienced in a lot of tools and developments necessary to the practice of the profession, they are used to the changing and tight deadline pressure, used to teamwork and so they are immediately operational on the labour market.

In ALPHABETS, these are all greatly appreciated assets. Since ALPHABETS creation in 2002, it has welcomed each year intern students and/or hired some translators trained in the CFTTR.”

Chantal QUÉNIART, Co-Founder and Partner


“As the Documentation Manager, I have always liked to work with CFTTR students. They have the merit of being immediately operational, which is a great asset in the business world. I will repeat this experience without hesitation, as soon as I have the opportunity.”

Aurélia Sarnowski
Coheris Documentation Team Manager