Language Support registration

Registration to Language Support Courses


  • Registration for semester 1 2022-2023 :  for the students who register for the first time or are in an exchange program : from the 26th of August to 9th of September 2022
  • If your inscription is done by your institution, contact them first.

Registrations are based on available places
Attention: for Rennes 1 exchange students, registration must be validated by Rennes 1 program manager, before registering at CIREFE.

Mandatory linguistic test

They will help us define the most fitted level for you. It is mandatory for everybody including beginners : online.

Attention : you do not need to be tested if you present us an official certification in french language : DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF, DUEF.


For exchange students from partners of CIREFE and members of the European University of Brittany (Rennes 2, Rennes 1, Agrocampus-Rennes, INSA, …): one semester might be paid by the partner institution. Please ask them about his.
For students enrolled out of exchange programs:

  • Students from outside institutions : 300€ per semester
  • Students from partner institutions: 180 per semester
  • Rennes 2 students: 150€ per semester. Rennes 2 Master 1 students, the written course (semester 1) and the oral course (semester 2) can be chosen as a language (i.e. 44 hours a year).
  • Non students: 300 €