Language Support registration

Registration to Language Support Courses


Registration for semester 1  2024-2025  (from September 30 to December 19, 2024).
Registration: from August, 29:  HERE

If your inscription is done by your institution, contact them first.

Registrations are based on available places
Attention: for Rennes University exchange students, registration must be validated by DARI before registering at CIREFE.

Mandatory linguistic test

They will help us define the most fitted level for you. It is mandatory for everybody including beginners : online.

Attention : you do not need to be tested if you present us an official certification in french language : DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF, DUEF.


For exchange students from partners of CIREFE and members of the European University of Brittany (Rennes 2, Rennes 1, Agrocampus-Rennes, INSA, …): one semester might be paid by the partner institution. Please ask them about his.
For students enrolled out of exchange programs:

  • Students from outside institutions: 340€ per semester
  • Students from partner institutions: 200 per semester
  • Rennes 2 students: 170€ per semester. Rennes 2 Master 1 students, the written course (semester 1) and the oral course (semester 2) can be chosen as a language (i.e. 44 hours a year).
  • Non students: 340 €