The MTC2M master is very instructive and educational. It will help you find a job quickly in the fields of technical writing, translation, editing, project management, etc.
Here is a partial list of the positions that you can take up immediately after obtaining your master’s degree:

Job descriptions (* PDFs in french only)

Technical Writer Pdf*

The technical writer has the function of edition and production of technical or specialized documents in French or English. He writes software documentation, online help, specifications and standards and generally any document requiring a professional approach to its creation.

Technical Translator Pdf*

The technical translator handles the translation of written documents or media such as technical documents (manuals, instructions) and commercial and economic documents (contracts, letters), etc.

Terminologist Pdf*

The terminologist is in charge of searching and bringing together technical terms related to one or more target areas (aerospace, medical, etc.). It provides dictionaries, glossaries or multilingual terminology databases.

Proof Reader Pdf*

The proofreader (sometimes called a reviewer or quality controller) check if a translated or written text “respects all the applicable quality standards.”

Web Localizer Pdf*

The localizer of websites is a translator that specializes in adapting websites so that they match the language and nationality of the visitors.

Project Manager Pdf*

The project manager handles translation projects from A to Z, from customer request to delivery. It acts as an intermediary between the client and the various service providers required to carry out a translation project.

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