Register at CIREFE

Registration for Semestrial Courses

Online registration for Spring semester 2018-2019 are opened. To register, click on this link.

A Certificate of admission is to be downloaded and printed during your online registration and after payment (refundable if visa refusal). This document will allow you to obtain a student visa at the French Embassy in your country.

In addition to their registration for admission, unless they are already in France, candidates from the countries below must apply to Espace Campus France through an online process:

Algeria – Argentina – Benin – Brazil – Cameroon – Canada – Chile – China – Colombia – Republic of Congo – Ivory Coast – United States – Gabon – India – Iran – Mauritius – Mexico – Russia – Senegal – Taiwan – Tunisia – Turkey – Vietnam

For more information, please visit  :

French Consulates will not issue student visas to candidates who have not completed this process.

Registrations will close when no more available slots and not later than november 15th.

Mandatory tests

The tests will allow us to assign you to a class corresponding to your french level.

Tests dates:
• Semester 1: Friday, August 31st, 2018 at 9:00 am
• Semester 2: Monday, January 14th, 2019 at 9:00 am

Required documents :

  • Two ID pictures
  • Certified translated diplomas attesting that you meet the conditions required to enter university in your home country.(the equivalent of the French baccalauréat and for countries like Japan, the certificate of admission to the university), accompanied by the original.

Registration fees  :

To be paid online during the registration process.

Year (semester 1 + semester 2): 1500 €
Semester (semester 1 or semester 2): 750 €
University fees (1 schoolyear): 170€ (2017-2018)
CVEC: 90 € (2017-2018)

Registration to Language Support Courses


Registrations for semester 2 2018-2019 will open in january.

  • Registration only online for the students who register for the first time
  • Registration at the CIREFE reception office for the students who are already registered at CIREFE

Registrations are based on available places

Any arrival after the language test may jeopardize your registration.

Attention: for Rennes 1 exchange students, registration must be validated by Rennes 1 program manager, before registering at CIREFE.


For exchange students from partners of CIREFE and members of the European University of Brittany (Rennes 2, Rennes 1, Agrocampus-Rennes, INSA, …): one semester might be paid by the partner institution. Please ask them about his.

For students enrolled out of exchange programs:

  • Students from outside institutions : 300€ per semester
  • Students from partner institutions: 180 per semester
  • Rennes 2 students: 150€ per semester. Rennes 2 Master 1 students, the written course (semester 1 + semester 2) can be chosen as a language (i.e. 44 hours a year).
  • Non students: 300 €